RADP holiday meet 2007 - December 7-10, 2007

This year, the twelfth annual RADP meet is being held in October, but the fun will continue in December, coinciding with MouseFest and various holiday activities at Walt Disney World.

If you are new to RADP, you may be asking yourself, "What is a RADP?" RADP stands for rec.arts.disney.parks -- a Disney parks enthusiast newsgroup where folks all around the world share tips, stories and general information regarding the Disney park experience. We get together once a year to put a face to that poster/friend we met on newsgroup. New and renewed acquaintances abound every year.

There is no membership requirement. All of our events are free (although park admission may be required) and open to Disney fans of all ages! Everyone is most welcome to attend our events. Come and join us for a single event, a whole day or the entire time. No RSVP is required, so feel free to just show up and have some fun! We all share the common bond of a love of Disney. Come meet the friends you already have but don't know yet. The 2007 holiday meets will run from Friday, December 7th to Monday, December 10th - rain or shine.

RADP is an independent group of Disney fans. RADP has no official connection with any commercial enterprise or entity nor does it endorse any. RADP is not affiliated with, authorized or endorsed by, or in any way officially connected with The Walt Disney Company, Disney Enterprises, Inc., or any of their affiliates.

And a reminder - RADP is RSVP free! RSVPs are never required for RADP meets!

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Thursday, Dec 06 2007

Paragon's Pistol Packin' Party

Time: 05:00pm
Location: Shooting Gallery, Orlando
Hosted by: Paragon
Even if you have never held a real gun before, you are welcome to join some of RADP's outlaws at the Shooting Gallery in Orlando. This is your chance for a fun introduction to target shooting, which will include all the information you need for the safe use of a firearm. Meet attendees are welcome to bring their own firearms, rent one from the range or use one of the host's firearms. Long guns in .223 can be used, but must use frangible ammo, which will be available at the range for an additional cost. All safety equipment will be provided, and children under 18 must be with a parent. Cost: $8 range fee

Friday, Dec 07 2007

Dinosaur/Dino-RADP meet

Time: 11:00am
Location: Main entrance to Dinosaur, across from Restaurantosaurus
Hosted by: Charlotte
To kick off the 12th Annual RADP Holiday Meet weekend, we're taking a hair raising trip back in time to the Cretaceous period aboard Dinosaur! We will be meeting at 11:00am at the main Dinosaur entrance, opposite the Restaurantosaurus restrooms. Bring your sense of adventure and be prepared for "dark places and scary dinosaurs!"

Saturday, Dec 08 2007

Soarin' Meet

Time: 09:15am
Location: Main entrance to the Land pavilion
Hosted by: Laurie
Rise and shine! And get ready for an awe inspiring flight on Soarin' with the RADP crew! At 9:15am (or as soon as everyone can get to the Land after park opening), we will meet at the main entrance of the pavilion, and as soon as our flight crew is assembled, we'll take flight!

Spaceship Earth Roulette - cancelled

Time: 10:30am
Location: Pin cart in Innoventions Plaza
Hosted by: Julie
Ready for a friendly wager? Then join RADP for our annual Spaceship Earth Roulette meet! At 10:30am, we will be assembling near the Future World pin cart. Then everyone will get to place their bets on what show scene the meet host will be stuck in when Spaceship Earth stops during our ride. We'll then ride Spaceship Earth, and if the ride stops, you could be the winner of a prize! It will be just like Las Vegas, only completely different! (And not involving real money!)
According to Disney, Spaceship Earth will not reopen in time for this meet. Betcha it'll be open in time for next year's meet...

12th Annual RADP Big Meet and Greet

Time: 11:30am
Location: Outside the International Gateway
Hosted by: RADP
Come one, come all! This is where it all started! RADP is pleased to invite everyone to the 12th Annual RADP Big Meet and Greet! We will all be meeting just outside the gate at the International Gateway, between the UK and France pavilions in Epcot. When you see a large group of crazy folks congregating near the Friendship boat docks, that's us! The meet will last until everyone decides to leave...which usually takes at least an hour! Park admission is NOT required for this meet.

World Showcase Movies and Munchies Meet

Time: 07:30pm
Location: Tribal masks at the entrance to the Canada pavilion
Hosted by: Kevin
After a busy morning of scrambling from meet to meet, RADP is taking some time to celebrate some of the most often overlooked Epcot attractions. Starting at 7:30pm, we'll take a leisurely stroll around World Showcase, taking in all the sights, sounds, and flavors it has to offer. As time allows, we'll watch the movies in Canada, France, China and Norway, all while nibbling on some of the best goodies in Epcot! All the fun will begin when we meet at the tribal masks at the entrance to the Canada pavilion.

Meet Tomorrow Midnight Tomorrowland Meet

Time: 11:45pm
Location: Space Mountain main entrance
Hosted by: Julie
We all know that the Magic Kingdom is magical by day, but even more magical by night! So to celebrate the arrival of a new day, RADP is hosting it's first ever Meet Tomorrow Midnight Tomorrowland Meet! At 11:45pm, we'll head for an out-of-this-world tour of the galaxy on Space Mountain! And by the time we're done, it will be tomorrow! For those of you who are not afraid to lose a few winks, this will be the perfect nightcap to a fun filled day in the Magic Kingdom. Lets just hope all those Disney buses haven't turned into pumpkins when it's time to go home!

RADPizza Party

Time: 03:30pm
Location: Innoventions, Great American Farm presented by the American Farm Bureau Foundation
Hosted by: Judy
Are you thin crust or deep-dish? Either way, come help RADP build virtual pizzas as we explore the geography and agricultural diversity found in America. A little bit of competiton between friends never hurt anyone, so come help us decide one of the greatest debates in the history of pizza! Caution: if you get hungry, you'll have to find your own way to the Cool Wash pizza by Test Track!

Sunday, Dec 09 2007

Main Street Bakery Breakfast Meet

Time: 09:00am
Location: Seating area across from Plaza Inn
Hosted by: Laurie
If a gooey, sticky cinnamon roll first thing in the morning is right up your alley, then join the RADP crew for breakfast at the Main Street Bakery! Feel free to pick up your breakfast, then grab a table with us in the seating area in front of the Plaza Restaurant. A sweet breakfast with good company would be a perfect pit stop before our Splash and Big Thunder Meet!

11th Annual Splash Mountain/Big Thunder Mountain Railroad Meet

Time: 10:00am
Location: Outside the Briar Patch
Hosted by: Jan, Charlotte and Tracy
For the 11th year in a row, RADP will launch a full-scale takeover of both Splash Mountain and Big Thunder Mountain Railroad. At 10:00, we'll board Splash Mountain en masse, and once we're nice and wet, we'll take a ride on Big Thunder for a spin dry! This is traditionally a very popular meet, and would be a great chance for newcomers to meet the RADP family!

Pirates and Pineapples Meet

Time: 11:30am
Location: Pirates of the Caribbean main entrance
Hosted by: Don
Yo ho yo ho, it's Dole Whip time for me! The journey begins at 11:30 with a swashbuckling journey into the wild and untamed Caribbean for a brush with Jack Sparrow and his scurvy band of scalawags. Then immediately afterwards, we'll cool down with a frosty Dole Whip treat. Be prepared to share your stories of high seas adventure at this ARRRsome set of meets!

Tom Sawyer Island Hide and Seek Meet

Time: 02:30pm
Location: On the bridge across from the raft dock
Hosted by: Kevin
Get ready for an old fashioned game of hide-and-seek on a grand scale! At 2:30, everyone will meet on the bridge across from the raft launch. Next, a handful of people will head over to Tom Sawyer's Island first and each find a sneaky hiding spot. Then everyone else will board the rafts and set out on a hunt to find all the people hidden on the island! But you better be quick! The first person to make it to the designated ending spot after finding all the hiders will be rewarded with a prize! This was a very popular meet last year, so don't miss your chance at the fun this year!

Monsters Inc and TTA Meet

Time: 05:30pm
Location: Monsters Inc main entrance
Hosted by: Julie
Timekeeper has made his last trip through time, and we are here to welcome his replacement. Start thinking of good jokes now, because at 5:30pm, we'll be heading into the Monsters Inc Laugh Floor Comedy Club, and they'll need you to text in your jokes! And as a throwback to legendary RADP meets of the past, we'll be taking an undoubtedly loud and fun filled ride on the TTA afterwards!

Fantasia Gardens Mini Golf Meet

Time: 08:30pm
Location: Fantasia Gardens Mini Golf main entrance
Hosted by: Sam
What's more fun than a game of mini golf? How about a game of mini golf played with all your favorite RADP friends? Everyone is welcome to tag along just by meeting us at 8:30pm at the Fantasia Gardens Mini golf course, which is located behind the WDW Dolphin. Golfing skill is NOT required to have a great time at this miniature golfing adventure meet!

Monday, Dec 10 2007

9th Annual Rock 'N Roller Coaster and Tower of Terror Meet

Time: 09:15am
Location: Rock 'N Roller Coaster courtyard
Hosted by: Tracy, Charlotte and Jan
Wake up to a thrill at our 9th Annual Rock 'N Roller Coaster and Tower of Terror meet! We'll first meet in the Rock 'N Roller Coaster courtyard, where we will all pick up Fastpasses for a rockin' good time. Then, if you dare, you can follow the crowd through the creepy depths of the Hollywood Tower Hotel for a terrifying plunge into the Twilight Zone! Finally, we'll end up back at Rock 'N Roller Coaster for a 0-60 thrill ride through the Hollywood hills! I bet we're gonna need a super stretch!

Great Movie Ride Meet

Time: 11:00am
Location: Behind the Hat, in front of the Great Movie Ride
Hosted by: Sam
We're taking a ride into the movies! Our journey will take us through an alien invasion, and vehicle hijacking and through a room full of snakes...why did it have to be snakes?! At 11:00am, we'll meet behind the Hat, and after plenty of time to mix and mingle, we'll embark on our trip through cinematic history!

"Drawn to RADP" Animation Tour Meet

Time: 02:00pm
Location: Animation tour main entrance
Hosted by: Kevin
We bet you'll be DRAWN to RADP as we dive head first into animation at our first ever Animation Tour meet. There's nothing SKETCHY about how much fun we'll have since we're a very ANIMATED group of people! We certainly hope you can PENCIL this meet in!

Star Tours Meet

Time: 04:00pm
Location: To the left of the Star Tours main entrance
Hosted by: Jack
Help us say a fond farewell to the 12th Annual RADP Holiday meet by joining us for an intergalactic voyage to the moon of Endor. As our last official meet, we'd like to send this year's festivities out with a bang! We'll meet just to the left of the main Star Tours entrance, and once the troops are assembled, we'll head inside to take part in this battle of epic proportions! Light speed!

Host a Meet!
If you would like to host a RADP meet, we would love to add you to the schedule. No experience is necessary. Most meets will practically run themselves. You can opt to host any meet you see on the schedule that doesn't already have a host or you can come up with your very own idea for a meet. There are many rides and attractions at Walt Disney World and our schedule only touches on a small handful. If we don't have a meet at your favorite place, then host one and we'll add it to our schedule. Many of our RADP friends will attend it as well. Just send the relevant info to holidaymeet07@radp.org. It's a great way to get to meet lots of fellow RADPers.

If you have any questions about a particular scheduled meet, please feel free to email the meet host directly.

Got a Suggestion or Idea?
We are always looking for fun new things to do as a group at Walt Disney World. If you have any suggestions or ideas to share with us, send them along to holidaymeet07@radp.org.

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