2010 Schedule of RADP XV Meet Events

FRIDAY 12/10
SUNDAY 12/12
MONDAY 12/13
9:00 AM
Expedition Everest Fast Passes

Head to Everest to pick up your fast pass for the 2:00 pm meet
  9:00 AM
Main Stree Bakery Breakfast

Meet in the seating area across from Plaza Restaurant
9:00 AM
Toy Story Mania Fast Passes

Head to TSM to pick up your fast pass for the 4:00 pm meet
9:30 AM
Kiliminjaro Safari Meet

Meet at entrance queue
9:15 AM 
Soarin' Meet

Meet at the top of The Land entrance ramp
10:00 AM 
Frontierland Meets

Splash Mountain and Big Thunder Mountain Railroad
Grab a fast pass for BTMRR and meet near fast pass machines
9:30 AM
Tower of Terror/Rock 'n Roller Coaster Meet

Meet in front of RnRC
10:30 AM
Conservation Station Meet

Meet at entrance queue
10:15 AM
Circle of Life Meet

Meet outside the entrance to the movie in The Land
11:30 AM
Hall of Presidents Meet

Meet outside the entrance
11:00 AM
Backlot Tour Meet

Meet in front of entrance
12:00 PM
Tea and Cinnamon Roll Break

at the tea cart in Asia
11:30 AM
It's 5:00 Somewhere Tequila Meet

Meet at La Cava del Tequila inside the Mexico pavilion
  2:00 PM
Bad Santa Tacky Gift Exchange Meet

Meet at Backlot Cantina, near the entrance of the Studio Backlot Tour
2:00 PM
Expedition Everest Meet

Meet at entrance queue
1:30 PM
RADP Big Meet & Greet

Outside International Gateway entrance
2:00 PM
Pirates and Pineapples Meet

Meet in front of PotC
4:00 PM
Toy Story Mania Meet

Meet in front of fast pass machines
3:30 PM
Dawa Bar/Jingle Jungle Parade Meet

Meet at Dawa Bar next to Tusker House
4:00 PM
Captain E-O Meet

Meet outside entrance
3:30 PM
Stitches Great Escape Meet

Meet in front of entrance
  8:30 PM
Main Street Electrical Parade @ MK

Meet in Liberty Square, near the loading area for the Liberty Belle
4:30 PM
Tomorrowland Transit Authority PeopleMover Meet

Meet near the entrance
    9:30 PM
Illuminations @ Epcot

Meet near the Norway pavilion
8:00 PM
Mini Golf Meet

Disney's WinterSummerland


Please Note: All meet times are subject to change for many reasons including Disney's changing of park hours and show times. During the early meet planning stages, meet listings can be very fluid. Times, dates and even locations can change often. Keep checking back for the latest information! "Official Days" are only to make it easier for people using day passes and not meant to be in any way associated with Disney or its Extra Magic Hours policies.

This listing includes all RADP meets currently scheduled. All meets listed are open to everyone. Just show up at the appointed time and location and join in the fun!

Please note that on occasion, our meets might run a little behind timewise. We will never start a meet early but we may be running a little late on a meet now and then. If you don't see us at the appointed time, have faith. We will be along shortly.

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