7th Annual Holiday RADP Meet at WDW
December 2002

The "World" Is Not Enough

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Welcome to the meet page for RADP-007! If you are new to RADP, you may be asking yourself, "What is a RADP?" RADP stands for rec.arts.disney.parks -- a Disney parks enthusiast newsgroup where folks all around the world share tips, stories and general information regarding the Disney park experience. We get together once a year to put a face to that poster/friend we met on newsgroup.

The first RADP meet occured in Dec 1996 with about 20 folks (mostly from the Orlando area) and now this has grown to include more than 300 of our newsgroup friends and family from all over the world! Folks come as far away as the United Kingdom, Norway, Japan, Canada, and as close as San Francisco, New Orleans, Mystic, CT, Tampa, and Kissimmee. =) There is no membership at all -- Everyone is invited to attend!!

Special Guests

This year's special guests are the Amazing & Fantastic authors of PassPorter: Walt Disney World, Dave Marx and Jennifer Watson!

Schedule of Meet Events

Please Note: All meet times are subject to change for many reasons including Disney's changing of park hours and show times. Keep checking back for the latest information! "Official Days" are only to make it easier for folks who are using day passes and not meant to be in any way associated with Disney or its early entry policies.

Thursday, December 12th

Comedy Warehouse Players
10pm @ Pleasure Island
ImprovGal's Improvisational Comedy Series returns for its third year! The Comedy Warehouse will be our first stop where we can observe Disney's improv gurus in captivity in a natural environment. Please feed the actors -- suggestions, that is! And please remember that when you choose to call out a suggestion there are certain words, phrases, and concepts that just don't exist here at Walt Disney World.
Host: Amy

Friday, December 13th
RADP Animal Kingdom Day

Family Fantasyland RADP Romp: Dumbos Are Forever
9:15am-11:15am @ Magic Kingdom
Meet at 9:15 a.m. in front of Dumbo. Please pick up a Fastpass for Winnie the Pooh on your way! We'll ride Dumbo, Peter Pan's Flight, It's a Small World, and Winnie the Pooh, plus enjoy a special Fantasyland "I Spy" game with prizes! Families with children and big people who are kids at heart are all welcome. Please RSVP with the number of people and ages of the children attending.
Host: Bianca Brister & Amanda Parr

Hidden Mickey Scavenger Hunt: Mouseraker
9:15am @ Epcot
Meet in front of the entrance to Spaceship Earth. We'll hunt for a couple of hours, until folks get tired or hungry.
Host: Steven Barrett

3rd Annual Kilimanjaro Safaris Meet
9:30am @ Animal Kingdom: Africa
We will begin gathering near the Safari entrance at 9:30 and will get in line promptly at 9:45.
Host: Deb Wills

Friday the 13th Tower of Terror Meet
10:30am @ Disney-MGM Studios
Meet by the Fastpass machines.
Host: Dame E(ticket)lizabeth

1st Annual Primeval Whirl Meet: Never Say Never A Spin
11am @ Animal Kingdom
After the safari head on over to Chester & Hester's for some roadside fun.
Hosts: Sean & Pamela

3rd Annual Kali Meet: The Spy Who Soaked Me
12:30pm @ Animal Kingdom
After whirling away with Chester, Hester, Sean and Pam, amble over to the rapids to cool off before lunch. We will meet at 12:30 and hop in line at 12:45. There will be prizes for wettest and driest riders! Watch where you sit!
Host: MickeyMom

Whose Line Is It Anyway? - Play It!
3pm @ Animal Kingdom Lodge
ImprovGal's Improvisational Comedy Series continues! Doesn't the other ABC show with a rhetorical question for a title deserve its own attraction?? Well, they didn't imagineer the attraction, so we'll have to improvise! We really had a lot of fun at this gathering last year and caused many people to raise their eyebrows and wonder "are they or aren't they....?" (cast members, silly!) Meet in the Animal Kingdom Lodge lobby over by the TV and we'll proceed to an empty lounge-type area. Contestants and audience welcome! Please RSVP so I have an idea of how many victim... er... participants are planning to attend!
Host: Amy

Friday the 13th Haunted Mansion Meet
5:30pm @ Magic Kingdom
Meet by the Fastpass machines. Remember to bring your death certificates!
Host: Dame E(ticket)lizabeth

Trekkers Who Love Disney Meet
7pm @ AMC Pleasure Island Theaters
Friday the 13th is the release date of the newest Star Trek film, Star Trek: Nemesis. All RADP-Trekkers are invited to join us at the AMC Theater in Pleasure Island to see the movie together. We will be going to the 7 pm showing. Please purchase your tickets in advance.
Host: Patti

Epcot IllumiNations Cruises
8:30pm @ Yacht Club Boathouse
Friday boats are FULL
Join your fellow RADPers for a special viewing of IllumiNations!

RADP-007 Late Night Clandestine Gathering: On RADP's Secret Service
9pm @ Adventurer's Club
The password is "Walt sent me." Join RADP at the Adventurers Club on Pleasure Island to kick off the meet weekend! Gathering area will be on the upstairs mezzanine. In addition to RADP antics, enjoy all the usual goings-on at the Club.
Host: Catherine

Saturday, December 14th, 2002
RADP Epcot Day

Character Breakfast Meet: From Cape May with Love
9:45am @ Cape May Cafe, Beach Club
For those not up to the Future World Marathon! This character breakfast buffet features Minnie, Goofy, Chip & Dale, and costs $15.99/adults & $8.99/ages 3-11. Please RSVP including number in party and ages of children (if applicable) so we can make a priority seating.
Host: Alicia Calsyn

Future World Morning Marathon - Second Running: The (Future) World Is Not Enough
park open-12pm @ Epcot Future World
Hosts: Catherine and Lori

Leg 1: Spaceship Earth Roulette, Part Deux
Meet at the Epcot tip board (the big screen that shows attraction wait times, located behind Spaceship Earth) at park opening. Here we will be choosing scenes for Spaceship Earth Roulette. Spaceship Earth has been divided into 27 separate scenes. Choose the scene your hosts will be seated beside when the ride stops. The person choosing the correct scene will receive a Disney-related prize. The marathon will be leaving the meeting area to get in line for Spaceship Earth about 20 minutes after park opening.

Leg 2: Test Track Drive-Through
From Spaceship Earth we will proceed to Test Track. We will be riding in the single riders line (we'll be split up and will most likely not be riding in the same cars). If the single riders line is not operational, the marathon will skip Test Track - but feel free to get a Fastpass to use later on.

Leg 3: Ice Station Cool-Down
Cross Future World for some drinking after driving. We'll take a break to sample free Coke products from around the world. Take Lori's Beverly Challenge, if you dare!

Leg 4: Exercise Your Imagination (optional)
Time and line length permitting, we'll drop by Journey Into Your Imagination With Figment. If we are able to complete this leg, expect a game to test your powers of observation. Details will be divulged on-site.

Big Meet & Greet: For RADP's Eyes Only
1pm @ Epcot International Gateway
Meet up with your RADP friends outside the Epcot turnstiles at the Int'l Gateway. Since this is outside the park, there is no admission media needed to attend this event!! Please make it a little early, as we'd like you to fill out a card to turn in for a door prize. Keep in mind these prizes are donated by your RADP friends. Anyone having items to donate for the event should contact Zazu.

How to get to the Int'l Gateway:

Already in Epcot? Go the the Int'l Gateway area in World Showcase between the U.K. and France. Exit the turnstyles and we'll be in that general location.

At the Disney Studios? Take the boat to the Epcot resorts and get off at Epcot (will be the 4th stop).

Coming from other locations? Your best bet is to take a Disney bus to the Studios and then get on the boat for the Epcot resorts. If you have a Park Hopper and can walk through Epcot, you can take a monorail to Epcot and then walk to the Int'l Gateway area.

LIB Meet and Certification Ceremony: License to Thrill
2pm @ Epcot International Gateway
Host: Paragon

World Showcase Players
3:15pm @ Epcot's U.K. pavillion, outside Toy Soldier
ImprovGal's Improvisational Comedy Series concludes! Are you familiar with the classic Charles Dickens novel A Christmas Carol? Well, you may not have seen the tale performed quite like this before! Sure, it's more interactive than improv comedy, but there will still be plenty of opportunities for audience participation! What do you think of the meet so far? Rubbish!
Host: Amy

Campfire MiniMeeko III: From Biscuit with Love
6:30pm @ Fort Wilderness
Meet up with SeanYoda, "Meeko" and her stuffed raccoon Biscuit for a great family-oriented Disney good time at the Ft. Wilderness Campfire Singalong and movie!! This is a free event located inside the Ft. Wilderness Resort & Campground. Folks gather at the Campfire for campfire singing, marshmallow roast, and a Disney animated feature on the big screen in the big outdoors! After the movie, we like to head down to the beach to catch the Electric Water Pageant as it makes its way past Ft. Wilderness. After the water pageant, expect some more of Sean's trivia questions! RSVP not necessary but politely asked (just so we can get a vague idea of how many to expect).
Hosts: Pamela & Sean, MickeyMom and Randy =)

SpectroMagic Meet: The Living Nightlights
6:30 pm (or 1/2 hour prior to start of Spectro, whichever is later) @ Magic Kingdom
Meet in the front courtyard area of Hall of Presidents. No RSVP necessary.
Hosts: Sorcerer Rob and Bill/Major Woody

Epcot IllumiNations Cruises
8:30pm @ Yacht Club Boathouse
Saturday boats are FULL
Join your fellow RADPers for a special viewing of IllumiNations!
Contact: Shawna/MardiGras

Adventurer's Club Meet
10pm til Hoopla! @ Pleasure Island
What would a RADP weekend be without a bunch of us getting together at the AC?

RADP Big Smoke: Cohiba Royale
10:30pm @ Downtown Disney West Side
Meet at the Sosa Family Cigars store for a quick shopping trip, and then retire to the patio behind Adventurer's Club for a good smoke! We'll rejoin the AC meet when we're done.
Host: Scott

Sunday, December 15th
RADP Magic Kingdom Day

Trails End Breakfast Meet: The Man With The Golden Pancakes
8am @ Fort Wilderness
Start the day with some really good chow and a good laugh with your RADP pals Randy & the crew. Trails End is located in the Ft. Wilderness Campground next to Pioneer Hall. This is a fixed price buffet, with no Priority Seating requirements. Everyone pays their own way for this all-you-care-to-eat meal as we linger leisurely before heading over to the Magic Kingdom Mountain Meet.
Host: Randy Berbaum

3rd Annual RADP-007 Scavenger Hunt: Goldseeker
8:30am @ Disney-MGM Studios
Ends at 8:30pm at the Tambu Lounge, Disney's Polynesian Resort.
Hosts: Jeff/Tiggerfan, JenKatt and Peter/Fudgie

4th Annual Frontierland Mountain Meet: Thunderfall
10am @ Magic Kingdom
Please meet in front of the Briar Patch Shop at Splash Mountain. We request folks get your FASTPASS for Big Thunder Mountain before meeting at the Briar Patch. RSVP is requested, but not mandatory.
Hosts: Sorcerer Rob and Jan (Praline)

Dole Whip Intermission: Diet Another Day
11:30am-ish @ Aloha Aisle (the Dole Whip stand in Adventureland)
Join us for a cool refreshing Dole Whip immediately following the completion of the Frontierland Mountain Meet. No RSVP required.
Host: Lori

Jungle Cruise Meet: Jungles Are Forever
12pm or thereabouts @ Adventureland
We'll board our vessel for our tour to many sights not often seen by mortal man. Special appearances by the back side of a waterfall and Shirley's Temple are expected. We'll be heading to the attraction after the Dole Whip Intermission. No RSVP required.
Host: MickeyMom

Pirates of the Caribbean Meet: Dr. Yo Ho, Yo Ho
12:30pm or thereabouts @ Adventureland
A pirate's life for RADP! Loud singing of attraction theme song is expected.

Haunted Mansion Meet: Live and Let Die
2:15pm @ Liberty Square
RADP joins the 999 Happy Haunts in the Mansion. Meet at the entrance near the Fastpass machines. No RSVP required.

Epcot IllumiNations Cruises
8:30pm @ Yacht Club Boathouse
Sunday boats are FULL
Join your fellow RADPers for a special viewing of IllumiNations!
Contact: Shawna/MardiGras

Adventurer's Club Meet
10pm til Hoopla! @ Pleasure Island

Monday, December 16th
RADP Disney Studios Day

3rd Annual TTA Ride-A-Thon: Tomorrowland Never Dies
9:15am @ Magic Kingdom
Everyone is invited! We'll board the Tomorrowland Transit Authority 15 minutes after park opening. Even though we will be riding all day and trying to break our Dec 2000 record of 50 consecutive laps, feel free to drop by for as long or short a period as you like. The TTA CMs will be able to help you find us -- just ask for the group in TTA vehicle #25A. We've had a blast doing this the last two years, and turnout has been great!
Host: Julie

Tower of Terror/Rock 'n Roller Coaster Meet: A View to a Thrill
9:15am @ Disney-MGM Studios
Meet in front of the fast pass area at Rock 'n Roller Coaster as close to 9:15 am as possible; park opens at 9:00. We'll grab a FastPass to RnRC before we go ride Tower of Terror. No RSVP required. Eating a very light breakfast is strongly suggested!
Hosts: Jack & Jan (Praline)

Great Movie Ride Meet: Never Say Never Again
2pm @ Chinese Theater
Hosts: Patti & Lori

Fantasmic! Meet
4:45 @ MGM's Sunset Market
Meet at the Sunset Ranch Market, across the street from the entrance to amphitheater. We will then enter the theater as a group at approx. 5:00 pm to find our seats. Fantsmic! show will be at 6:00 p.m.
Hosts: Bianca and MickeyMom & Larry

Fantasia Gardens Minigolf Blast II: You Only Golf Twice
8:30pm @ Fantasia Gardens
Meet in front of the Fantasia Gardens to team up for a *magical magical* walk through Fantasia. A good walk spoiled this is not! Separate admission is required for this on-property mini golf meet. Around $9 for adults and $8 for kids. Please check w/guest services for up-to-date pricing. AP holders may get some kind of discount. =)
Hosts: Sean & Pamela

Epcot IllumiNations Cruises
8:30pm @ Yacht Club Boathouse
Monday boats still have seats available!!
Join your fellow RADPers for a special viewing of IllumiNations! $18/pp includes cost of cruise + goodies!
Contact: Shawna/MardiGras

Adventurer's Club Meet
10pm til Hoopla! @ Pleasure Island

Unable to join us for RADP-007?
Mark your calendars for the following ... Everyone is welcome!

Thanks to Deb for everything from having these meets to the format from which this page was created. To Catherine for the icon, which may/may not be here too long (grin) and to everyone on the meet commitee. Thanks also to Shawna, Jack, Jan, Bruce & Deb for helping keep this updated =) psr

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