Welcome To The RADP 2020 Meetup page

Due to circumstances of the Covid-19 virus, it is impossible for us to have our regular meet and schedule of events. Everything is different this year with social distancing, no fastpasses, longer standby lines and park reservations required. So what we are doing is having two meeting places each park day where anyone can catch up with those in attendance. The list is as follows.

Animal Kingdom - Friday 12/4/20

9:30am - Meet outside Safari ride. If we can't assemble there, we'll head to the area around Dawa Bar.
2:00pm - Nomad Lounge

Epcot - Saturday 12/5/20

12 noon - Meet at the entrance of The Land pavilion
3:00pm - Meet in the courtyard of the UK Gazebo area.

Magic Kingdom - Sunday 12/6/20

9:15am - Meet at the Mask Relaxation area in Tomorrowland Terrace
2:30 pm - Meet outside the Sunshine Tree Terrace (The old Aloha Isle)

Hollywood Studios - Monday 12/7/20

9:00am or whatever time early park opening is - Meet at the old Starring Rolls, next to Hollywood Brown Derby
2:30pm - Meet at the entrance to Star Wars Land by Baseline Pub.

We have not worked out a location for a Big Meet and Greet and not sure we will be able to overcome Disney gathering restrictions to have one. If we find a way, it will be posted here.

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