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Last Update 11/07

This listing is posted periodically to the rec.arts.disney.parks newsgroup. This listing may be reproduced on Internet Websites provided it is maintained in its entirety. The most current version is found on http://meets.radp.org/faq.htm

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  1. What is RADP?
  2. What is the charter for RADP
  3. What should I post?
  4. What should I not post?
  5. How do I access RADP?
  6. What other Disney newsgroups are there?
  7. Where can I find Disney Parks FAQs?
  8. I remember RAD rec.arts.disney newsgroup. Does it still exist?
  9. Where is this FAQ kept?
10. I am new to USENET. Where Can I Obtain Information?

1. What is RADP?

rec.arts.disney.parks is one of five newsgroups in the rec.arts.disney.* hierarchy. Its purpose is to discuss Disney theme parks, attractions and resorts worldwide.

RADPers are the folks who "post messages" and "lurk" (read but don't post) on RADP. It is a USENET newsgroup on the internet devoted to discussion of all things related to the Walt Disney Parks. While this includes Disney's California Adventure and Disneyland, Walt Disney World, Tokyo Disney and Disneyland Paris, the majority of the discussion on this newsgroup revolves around Walt Disney World in Florida. (There is also a Disneyland newsgroup at alt.disney.disneyland and another Walt Disney World newsgroup at alt.disney.disneyworld.)

There are as many as 300+ posts daily; many informational, some trip reports and sometimes a controversial thread will appear. Just remember you never "know" who is on RADP reading messages. Also, keep in mind this is a discussion group pertaining to Disney Parks open to all ages (there are children who read the posts). For many, RADP has developed into a friendly *cyber-community* and that is the environment we try to foster. You'll find lots of joking and frivolity mixed in with the discussions. If you are a big Disney fan and haven't become a RADP regular yet, you're missing out on lots of news, fun and great folks!

2. What is the Charter for RADP?

This is rec.arts.disney.parks' charter (description of topics to be discussed in the newsgroup):

rec.arts.disney.parks (unmoderated) - Discussion of all Disney parks, restaurants, attractions, and resorts of the past, present and future, including, but not limited to, the Walt Disney World properties, Disneyland, Tokyo Disney Resort, and Disneyland Paris.

3. What Should I Post?

Posting Guidelines for REC.ARTS.DISNEY.PARKS

The following subjects are typical of articles suitable for rec.arts.disney.parks (with suggested groups to crosspost to):

-- What is the Status of Test Track?
-- Prices for wedding at WDW
-- Disney plans new theme park: Australia [aus.general]
-- RADP meet at Disneyland August 12-13 [rec.arts.disney.announce]
-- What is the food like at Spoodles?

4. What Should I Not Post?

The following subjects are not covered under the charter and should be posted elsewhere as suggested in brackets.

--For sale: Cheap 3-day pass to WDW [rec.arts.disney.merchandise]
--GIF: Bambi pictures [alt.binaries.pictures.cartoons]
--Test! Please Ignore! [misc.test]

Your posts should be in text only. No HTML and no binaries or attachments.

5. How do I access RADP?

To access the newsgroup, check with your Internet Service Provider (ISP) to see if they offer newsgroup access and how to get connected. Then subscribe to the newsgroup and enjoy.

If you are unable to access RADP through a newsgroup server, you can use Google.com to gain access. Though not perfect, it will provide you with a message archive and enable you to post.

Pay services like giganews will also supply you with newsgroups.

6. What other Disney Newsgroups are there?

Other groups in the rec.arts.disney.* Hierarchy are:
rec.arts.disney.misc - General topics pertinent to the Disney Company.
rec.arts.disney.merchandise - Toys, videos, music, books, art, collectibles.
rec.arts.disney.animation - Animated features, cartoons, short subjects.
rec.arts.disney.announce - FAQs, lists, info, announcements (Moderated).

Other Disney related groups include:
alt.disney.disneyworld - Topics pertaining to WDW
alt.disney.disneyland - Topics pertaining to Disneyland in California

7. Where Can I Find Disney Park FAQs?

The RADP newsgroup does not have *one* FAQ, however, you can find FAQs on Disney parks at the web sites listed below. If you have a website with a Disney-park FAQ, please email faq-info@radp.org for inclusion.


Walt Disney World and Disneyland - http://disneyworld.disney.go.com/wdw/index
Disneyland Paris - http://www.disneylandparis.com
Tokyo Disney Resort - http://www.tokyodisneyresort.co.jp/index_e.html
Hong Kong Disneyland - http://park.hongkongdisneyland.com/hkdl/en_US/home/home?name=HOMEPage



Deb's Unofficial Walt Disney World Information Guide
http://allearsnet.com  Your online resource designed to make your WDW Vacation a
"Magical" one. Remember, this is an UNOFFICIAL GUIDE and in NO way represents the Walt Disney Company.

Spencer Family Disney Page - FAQ: Ft. Wilderness Resort and Campground

DISNEYLAND - California

Disneyland Paris - FAQs: Disneyland Paris FAQ

Tokyo Disney Resort- Japan
Chris's Tokyo Disneyland Website


The Spacecoast's Hidden Mickeys of Disney - FAQ: Hidden Mickeys in all the Disney Parks

Bertino's Archives:

FAQ: Disney Attractions at both Disneyland and Walt Disney World

Pressed Coins:

Disney World Florida
Presscoins.com - The unoffical Walt Disney World pressed coins guide

David Tomita's Guide to Disneyland Pressed Coins
Disneyland Penny Press Machine News



Common Abbreviations And Acronyms on RADP

All of the sites listed above (except the Official Disney sites) are Unofficial. These sites are maintained by volunteers who are responsible for how updated and accurate they are. Please note that all information (including prices, dates, times, availability) in these sites are UNofficial and subject to change without notice. Please call the appropriate Disney Park direct to confirm before your visit. The authors and editors of these websites are not liable for any information (valid or invalid) presented here and do not represent the Walt Disney Company in any manner.

8. I remember the *rad*, rec.arts.disney newsgroup - does it still exist?

In July 1995 the USENET Newsgroup Rec.Arts.Disney was split into five separate newsgroups. One *is* moderated, Rec.Arts.Disney.Announce, meant for the posting of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) files and information resource files and Disney related announcements. The other four are not moderated:
Rec.Arts.Disney.Merchandise, Rec.Arts.Disney.Animation, Rec.Arts.Disney.Parks, Rec.Arts.Disney.Animation and Rec.Arts.Disney.Misc.

9. Where is this FAQ kept?

This FAQ is posted periodically to RADP and the most current version may be found at http://meets.radp.org/faq.htm

This article and the posting guidelines for the other four groups are posted to rec.arts.disney.announce.

10. I am new to USENET. Where can I obtain information?

If you are new to Usenet, you should definitely be reading the newsgroup news.announce.newusers. In it are some very helpful articles on how the Usenet community works. It is strongly suggested that you read these articles before posting to any newsgroups:

-- A Primer on How to Work With the Usenet Community
-- Answers to Frequently Asked Questions
-- Emily Postnews Answers Your Questions on Netiquette
-- Hints on writing style for Usenet
-- Rules for posting to Usenet
-- What is Usenet?

We would like to thank and acknowledge AllEars.Net for hosting this faq for many years.

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