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December 2001


What, you may ask, is a RADP meet??!!! RADP stands for rec.arts.disney.parks. It is a newsgroup on the internet where Disney fans from all over the world share tips, tales and experiences.

The First RADP meet was held in December of 1996 with just over 20 of us, most folks were from the local Orlando area. We have now grown in size to over 300 people visiting from all over the world - Canada, Australia, Japan, United Kingdom, Austria and more. There is NO special membership, everyone is invited!

We now gather every December in Walt Disney World for our annual meet. It's lots of fun so please join us!   I look forward to seeing you over the weekend of December 1 and 2, 2001!!!


Jennifer Watson and Dave Marx of Passporter WDW are coming back for their third straight RADP meet! They have some special events brewing for this year to celebrate Walt's Birthday!

(note that since Park Hours Changed,
some Meet times have changed!)


Friday November 30
Designated Animal Kingdom Day

2nd Annual Kilimanjaro Safari Meet   -  PLEASE NOTE TIME CHANGE!!! Come on into Animal Kingdom when it opens at 9:00am and head straight for the Safari!  Please arrive at 9:15am.  We will get in the line promptly at 9:30! Last year 45 folks filled 2 jeeps! Let's see if we can do that again!  Host:  Deb Wills

2nd Annual Kali Meet is set for 12:30pm - Meet up by the main entrance for some river rafting fun.. Non-Riders welcome to cheer on us brave souls! *warning!* you may (read: WILL) get wet!!!!! hosted by Pamela & Sean.. RSVP not required.. questions?

Mickey's Very Merry Christmas Party - meet at replica of the Liberty Bell in Liberty Square 15 minutes before fireworks. You will need an admission ticket to MVMCP. Please RSVP to Host: Tracy Cherry

Epcot Illuminations Cruise - SEATING IS FULL. If you have any questions, contact: Jennifer Reall at

Pleasure Island - Adventurers Club 9:00pm  - "Night of Roy" - A Tribute to The Other Disney Brother! Kick off RADP-6 with a tribute to Roy O. Disney, who certainly deserves his own few hours of Walt's festival, and enjoy all the usual (and unusual) antics at the Adventurers Club. Hosts: Beth and Catherine

   Saturday December 1
Designated EPCOT Day

Future World Morning Marathon - Future World Morning Marathon - Meet at the Epcot tip board (the big screen behind Spaceship Earth that shows wait times for attractions) at 15 minutes after park opening time. Here, we will record guesses for Spaceship Earth Roulette: riders can guess which Spaceship Earth scene your hosts will be sitting closest to when the ride stops in mid-trip. (We will have a list of scenes and will allow one scene per person - you can't guess two scenes, and no two guessers may choose the same scene.) The person who guesses correctly will receive a small Disney-related prize at the conclusion of the ride. RSVP is not required. The marathon will leave the meeting area within 30 minutes of park opening time. Your hosts: Catherine and Lori

Leg One: Spaceship Earth Roulette - 15 to 30 minutes after park opening time, we will head for Spaceship Earth. The prize will be presented following the ride.

Leg Two: Test Track Drive-Through - The group will proceed to Test Track and ride in the single riders line. Please note that all groups will be split up in the singles line! Alternately, we can ride in the regular line if there isn't much of a wait.

Leg Three: Cooldown -The group loads up the truck and moves to Beverly - soda tasting at Ice Station Cool (There is no prize for chugging "Beverly.")

1:00pm The Big Meet and Greet!! We are gathering "outside" the turnstyles at the International Gateway in Epcot. This is outside the park, so you do not need a ticket to Epcot to enter. Meet at 1:00pm. You will be asked to fill out a card which you can turn in at the end of the meet and receive a "Disney door prize". Please keep in mind, these prizes were all donated from RADP folks. If anyone has any new Disney items to donate please

SPECIAL GUESTS AT THE BIG MEET AND GREET!  - We are pleased to announce two very special guests who will be attending the Big Meet and Greet: Authors Jennifer Watson and Dave Marx of Passporter WDW.

Directions: To reach the International Gateway Area:
A) Already in Epcot?? Go the the International Gateway area in World Showcase between the United Kingdom and France. Exit the turnstyles and we'll be in that general location.

B) At the Disney-MGM Studios? Take the boat to the Epcot resorts and get off at Epcot (will be the 4th stop)

C) Coming from other locations. Your best bet is to take a Disney Bus to the MGM Studios and then get on the boat for the Epcot resorts. If you have a parkhopper and can walk thru Epcot, you can take a monorail to Epcot and then walk to the International Gateway Area.

3:15pm ImprovGal's Improvisational Comedy Series 2 -- The Sequel, World Showcase Players I know how to get everybody's attention -- FREE BEER! (just kidding) Come over to Epcot's United Kingdom pavillion where we'll catch the 3:30 performance of the World Showcase Players. All audience participation must be at top volume, after all, since it will annoy the French. What do you think of this meet so far? Rubbish! RSVP welcome, but not required. Host: Amy

6th Annual Trimobian Gathering - 3:00pm-4:00pm 6th Annual Trimobian Get Together - Beer nearby but not included....World Showcase Lagoon on the open meadow in front of the hedge...gathering afterwards at Sommerfest in Germany Pavilion for Schnitzels And Beer.

3:30pm Crazy Canuks Tour Canada! - Join us crazy Canuks for a quick trip through the 10 provinces and 3 territories of Canada. We will meet outside the Canada pavilion at 3:30pm on Saturday Dec 1, we will try to catch the first showing of Oh Canada, and then for those who need a snack, we will be off to hunt (in true Canadian tradition) the Beaver.... Tail. Host: Richard Begley

Guiness By The Yard - 4:15pm - 5:00pm - allows time for following walk, stumble, and weave (hey, it was a *YARD* of Guiness ;) ) to the Trimobia Site..... Your host: Vully

Camp MiniMeeko Campfire Singalong II and Electric Water Parade Meet - 7:00pm Fort Wilderness, with pre campfire dinner at 5:00pm. Hosts: Sean & Pamela Rouse.

Epcot Illuminations Cruise - SEATING IS FULL. If you have any questions, contact: Jennifer Reall

Pleasure Island - Adventurers Club 9:00pm  Meet in the Mask Room HOST: Eric (Cyberstorm)

     Sunday December 2nd
Designated Magic Kingdom Day for RADP-6

2nd Annual RADP-VI Scavenger Hunt will commence at 8:00 AM from the Transportation and Ticket Center. It will culminate at the Belle Vue Room at the Boardwalk Inn at 8:30 PM. (This will give people with illuminations cruises PLENTY of time to make them). Jeff Carter

Teams will have a maximum of 4 people. A parkhopping admission to the major parks is required. You will not need to enter the waterparks, Wide World of Sports or Disney Quest - If you need to enter PleasureIsland, it is free before 7pm and no questions will be based on anything that is not open at that time.

The fee structure is not quite set yet, but figure on $35 per TEAM to enter prior to 10/1 and $45 to enter after 10/1. I'll post a web page with the rules and registration info as soon as I am ready to open things up.

I do plan on having more teams then last year (I know interest is a lot higher then last year) and I will have better shirts this year (hence the increased cost). Also, for those of you arriving late, on 12/9 we will be having another event that day - It won't be as big as the main hunt, but it will be a lot of fun.

Trails End Buffet Breakfast Meet - 7:00AM - Ft. Wilderness - There is no Priority Seating requirement and each of us will pay our own way at this all-you-can-eat buffet. We will have plenty of time to eat (and chat) in time to saunter to the MK boat (and chat) in time to make our way either by foot or train to FrontierLand (and while chatting) in time for the Splash Mt meet. Oh, and we may chat a bit too (I think I am detecting a theme here). :) Host: Randy Berbaum

Third Annual Splash Mountain Meet -  10:00 am Magic Kingdom. Please meet in front of the Briar Patch Shop.  RSVP is requested, but not mandatory.     Hosts: Rob and Jan (Praline) :-)  


ADVENTURELAND QUEST - 12:00pm - 1:30pm - a group encounter on the Jungle Cruise and then games at the coin op/remote control boat pool nearby.... Your host: Vully

FRONTIERLAND YEE-HAW - 2:00pm - 5:00pm (approx) Lunch at Pecos Bill's Tall Tale Cafe - perhaps some tall tale swapping, followed by a ride on the keel boats (if running) and then onto a showing at the Diamond Horseshoe. Your host: Vully

Buzz Lightyear Space Ranger Meet - 4 PM; Buzz Lightyear Wants You!!! Yes You!! New recruits are needed to help defeat the Evil Emperor Zurg If you think you've got what it takes, come to Space Ranger Headquarters (a.k.a. Buzz Lightyear's Space Ranger Spin)

20K MEMORIES - from 5:00 - 5:30pm (1700 - 1730 for you nautical types), a gathering of fans of the 20K ADVENTURE or anything 20K related for a memorial tribute to Captain Nemo and his faithful crew
of the NAUTILUS - in this case, the NAUTILI.....not a long get- together, enough to remember the Captain and his vessel and share a few memories of one great film and related attraction. Your host: Vully

Tapestry of Dreams/Illuminations Meet on the Street - 5:30/7:30 Norway/World Showcase: Tapestry of Dreams/Illuminations Meet on the Street If you're not cruising and still want to view Illuminations in the company of RADP, this meet is for you! The RADP Viewing Spot Stakeout will begin at 5:30 PM. The official viewing spot will be the area directly across from the Norway viking ship, alongside the World Showcase Lagoon fence. We will meet there to see the later showing of Tapestry of Dreams (6:10). At 7:30 we will begin to gather back in the same area for Illuminations, which is scheduled to take place at 9:30. To help speed the waiting time, there will be plenty of chatting and Disney trivia. There are various World Showcase snacks and drinks available at nearby pavilions. RSVP is not necessary. While there are benches a little further up toward Norway, at the RADP Viewing Spot only ground-level seating is available. Please take note that this is not a formally reserved viewing area. Host: Catherine Lamey

Epcot Illuminations Cruise - SEATING IS FULL. If you have any questions, contact: Jennifer Reall

Pleasure Island - Adventurers Club 9:00pm  Meet in the Mask Room HOST: Eric (Cyberstorm)

     December 3rd - Monday
Designated Disney-MGM Studios Day

Tower of Terror/Rock N Roller Coaster Meet- Meet in front of the fast pass area at RnRollercoaster as close to 9:00am as possible, park opens at 9:00. Host Tracy Cherry

DisneyDollarLess has a Belz Disney Outlet shopping trip planned for Monday Dec 3rd. We are meeting at the Garden Cafe in the Swan Resort at 8:30AM. We have three cars and can pick up anyone from other resorts and we are limited to 12 people. Nine have signed up so far. Plans are breakfast at the Garden Cafe, leave WDW at 9:30 AM for Belz, leave Belz at 11:45 for lunch at Emerils at City Walk. We will return by 2PM so everyone can join the Millionaire Meet. Host: judimouse

Who Wants to Be A Millionaire? Play It! - Due to the live taping of the "Who Wants to Be A Millionaire" show scheduled on December 3, the Millionaire meet has been moved to December 6 at 1:00pm.

Great Movie Ride Meet - 2:00pm - Come join us on THE GREAT MOVIE RIDE and let's fill up one whole section of this ride in MGM! Rumors continue to swirl this attraction is not long for the Studios (maybe another year) - Your host: Patti

Come one, come all! Hunchback of Notre Dame Show Meet, 3:20 PM Are you frustrated by schedule changes? Been crowded on resort buses? Couldn't get in to see Regis? Worried about the future of the Great Movie Ride? Well, there's nothing like the Feast of Fools to forget your troubles. After the GMR meet, head over to the Backlot Theater for the 3:45 Hunchback of Notre Dame Show. If the theater has been opened, look for RADP on the right side. Who knows, if time allows we may even be equipped to choose our own RADP King (or Queen) of Fools! The show should conclude around 4:20, leaving plenty of time to join the Fantasmic meet. Your Hosts: Jan and Catherine

Fantasmic Meet - TIME CHANGE!!! - 5:00pm - We will meet just to the left of the outside gates to the Hollywood Hills Amphitheater. Join us for a mix of live action, music, and fireworks. Watch Mickey defeat all the Disney villians. Feel free to bring snacks or a light dinner and join us for conversation before the great show starts. Host: Bianca Brister.

Osborne Lights Meet - We will meet in front of StarTours at 5:45 PM and then go as a group to view The Osborne Family Spectacle of Lights. Hosted by Disney Dollarless members Binnie and judimouse!

Fantasia Gardens Meet - Meet up at 9pm for a Magical *Magical* mini golf experience! RSVP is requested so we can get a rough estimate & give Fantasia Gardens advance warning. Hosts: Sean & Pamela Rouse.

Epcot Illuminations Cruise - SEATING IS FULL. If you have any questions, contact: Jennifer Reall


 December 4th - Tuesday

Tea at the Grand Floridian - Please join us at the Grand Floridian for tea, sandwiches, scones, and pastries! Tuesday, December 4, is the date, and we have the Garden View Lounge all to ourselves between 11 a.m. and 1 p.m. Please meet in front of the lounge between 10:45 and 10:55 a.m.

This meet is now a prepaid event with a set menu. Prices are $26 per person, which include tax and gratuity. The menu will be the Grand Tea without the sparkling wine. Please send PayPal to Lori at Checks will be accepted until November 16th. Please email Lori for mailing details.

If you are interested in this light lunch offering, come as you are from the theme parks! Due to the limited room capacity, we request you RSVP to Lori. We have between 20-30 spots available, and you'll meet people from various Internet groups, like the rec.arts.disney.parks (RADP) newsgroup, DisneyDollarless, and PassPorter. We hope to see you there with your name buttons on!

Patriotic meet at the American Adventure in Epcot - We will meet at 2:30 and catch the next available show. The wearing of red, white and blue and flag pins are encouraged. Hosts: Binnie Betten and Diane Kelley.

Off Kilter Meet - 5:00pm with your Host Del Rockwell

Magical Mystery Tour to Yesterday 5:30 PM Epcot UK Pavilion - Come Together on a and hear Epcot's own "British Invasion" sing Something that sounds rather like the Beatles. We'll be Here, There and Everywhere in the park behind the UK Pavilion to enjoy their 5:30 set With A Little Help From Our Friends.

Epcot Illuminations Cruise - SEATING IS FULL. If you have any questions, contact: Jennifer Reall


December 5th - Wednesday
Walt's 100th Birthday

Walt's 100th Birthday Meet - Disney-MGM Studios
This is really it! Not an unbirthday, not an amazing facimile, but Walt Disney's honest-to-goodness 100th Birthday. Join Jennifer Watson and Dave Marx of PassPorter Walt Disney World for a day filled with fun and a little bit of magic, and celebrate the man who started The Mouse.

9:30am-12:30pm - Walt's Legacy Hunt
Spend three lively hours at Disney-MGM Studios exploring Walt Disney's amazing creativity and accomplishments. This is a hunt for Disney "treasure" and prizes will be awarded. Registration is required. Advance entry fee of $5 to defray costs of materials and prizes for winners. Must RSVP in advance at

12:30pm-4:00pm (approx.) - Walt's Birthday Party Surprise at Disney-MGM Studios. You'll just have to trust us on this one! We intend to honor Walt Disney's birthday in memorable fashion. Join us at the Backlot Express cafeteria (between Star Tours and the Indiana Jones Epic Stunt Spectacular) at 12:30pm for our version of the Magical Mystery Tour, Walt-Style. We won't be hanging around Backlot Express for long, so plan to show up by 12:45pm at the latest. Registration appreciated but not required at

Kungaloosh! Toast Walt's 100th Birthday at the Adventurer's Club - The Walt's Birthday AC Meet will begin at 9:30 PM. We'll toast Walt at 10:30 PM. The RADP Gathering Area will be on the second level of the Adventurers Club. Hosts: Beth and Catherine

Thursday, December 6th


Who Wants to Be A Millionaire? Play It! - Thursday, December 6 1 PM Who Wants To Be A Millionaire? Play It! - Join RADP to play along, test your knowledge and your fast finger, and maybe make it into the Hot Seat and win Disney prizes! We will be attending the first show that occurs after 1 PM. (If there is a show at 1 PM, we will attend the 1 PM show.) Since the schedule seems to change often, and may not be posted on the park guide map, it may be necessary to ask the cast members for showtimes. Meet in front of the studio building on Mickey Avenue (between the standby and Fastpass entrances) 30 minutes prior to showtime, when we will be joining the standby line. At the conclusion of the show, we will get back in line for the next show. Host: Catherine

Mickey's Very Merry Christmas Party - Meet at the Liberty Bell in Magic Kingdom's Liberty Square 30 minutes before the fireworks (or at 8:30pm, if there are no fireworks). You will need an admission ticket for MVMCP to attend this event. Hosted by the PassPorter Walt Disney World Message Board Moderators: Aerobics, Cruella, Debe, HiddenMickey, Jean, Joey Carioca, Laruabelle V. Hime, Michnash, and WildForWD. RSVP appreciated but not required to or at

7:45pm ImprovGal's Improvisational Comedy Series 2 -- The Sequel, Comedy Warehouse Haven't you spent enough time in the Adventurer's Club by now? Ok, maybe not. But admit it, once you get to the AC, you never venture across the street to Pleasure Island's Comedy Warehouse to check out their shows. Use tonight as an opportunity to catch a Comedy Warehouse show before visiting the AC! Last year's meet was a success -- our group provided many suggestions that were used and I got the ringing phone! You may also learn some skills that may prove valuable in the new WDW attraction -- Whose Line Is It Anyway? Play It! (see Friday, 12/7) RSVP welcome, but not required. Host: Amy

Friday, December 7, 2001

3:00pm ImprovGal's Improvisational Comedy Series 2 -- The Sequel, Whose Line Is It Anyway? Play It! Ok, so the attraction doesn't exist -- yet! That's ok, we'll improvise one! If you've ever watched Whose Line Is It Anyway? or visited Comedy Warehouse (see Thursday, 12/6 -- hint, hint) you've seen how much fun improv games can be. Now's your opportunity to play the very same games you've seen! Rather than shelling out the dough to recreate the set, we'll just meet in the lobby of the Animal Kingdom Lodge and move to an uncrowded space within the resort to play. Extra points will be given to those who bring props. Whether you choose to be a game participant or an audience member, we should have lots of fun! (Plus, it's a good excuse to visit Animal Kingdom Lodge!)Host: Amy

MAGIC KINGDOM FIREWORKS CRUISE - Di$neyDollarLe$$ is hosting a special cruise. View the fireworks show for MVMCP from a pontoon boat on the Seven Seas Lagoon on December 7th. We will be sailing from the Polynesian Resort at approx. 9:30 PM. Exact time is to be determine by Disney in the next two weeks. Cost is $15 per person, adult or child, and includes the cruise, driver tip and some surprises.

Saturday, December 8, 2001

Pleasure Island - Adventurers Club 9:00pm  Meet in the Mask Room; HOSTS: Eric (Cyberstorm) and tigger731 aka Brian

December 12th
Disney Wonder Cruise Meet

Bill & Dee Wangerien will be aboard the Disney Wonder (the Sunday Dec. 9th sailing). The meet will be on Wednesday Dec. 12 (the day at sea). 3:00pm in the Disney Sea. Host: Bill W

Unable to join us for RADP-VI?

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