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What's a RADPer?

It's someone who is on the rec.arts.disney.parks (RADP) usenet newsgroup. You don't have to join to belong; our "community" includes all Disney fans from all over the world! You are a RADPer if you read RADP, if you post to RADP, if you know someone who does or if you ever passed someone on the sidewalk who did. Anyone can be a RADPer!!

Why would I want a RADP button?

RADP pins make it easy for you to put a face to a name you've seen on the newsgroup at the RADP meets or in the parks. Many people are basically too shy to walk up to someone they have never met and introduce themselves. Seeing someone with a RADP pin is a great way to start a conversation:

"Oh, so you're Deb? I've seen your posts on RADP. Hi, my name is _____ ."

Who makes the RADP buttons?

Leslie Jones makes the buttons you see pictured above. "I started making pin back buttons, approx. 2 1/4 inches in diameter, with a very unique RADPer insignia years ago when my daughter's high school drill team needed to raise money for equipment, props and travel expenses to the regional competitions. My daughter is long out of colorguard but any funds that do come in for the pins I usually donate to Deb's Avon Walk for Breast Cancer or to the Arthritis Foundation. A friend does the California Coast Classic fundraising ride every year."

RADP pins look exactly like the one at the top of the page. The only difference is you can have your name (15 character limit) added to the bottom of the pin if you would like. Pins cost $3 shipped.

Getting Your New RADP Pin Is Easy

1) DECIDE WHAT PERSONALIZATION (if any) that you want on each pin. It can be your name, your screen name, whatever you like as long as it isn't more than 15 characters (that's letters, numbers and spaces..NOT Disney Characters.. :o) Because of the logo, two lines of personalization is very limited. The font has to be so small that it makes it hard to read. She will attempt it on a case by case basis if you really want two lines. The pins are 2 1/4 inches diameter.

2) SEND HER A QUICK E-MAIL (RADPinLady@aol.com) & LET HER KNOW YOUR ORDER. She'll need to know the number of pins you need and the personalization for each. If you're going to pay via PayPal, be sure to include the address of where you want her to ship the pin(s)!!

3) PRICE OF THE PINS: $3.00(US) for each pin. This price includes shipping!!!!

If paying by cash, check or MO...Send to:

PO BOX 770844
CORAL SPRINGS, FL 33077-0844

She also accepts PAYPAL. In fact, most people now pay that way. Just go to www.paypal.com if you're not already signed up with them! Don't forget to include what kind of personalization and WHERE to send the pins!!

That's it! When Leslie receives your payment, your pin(s) will be mailed out!! Please allow enough turn around time if you're heading off to the parks soon! Snail mail is sometimes painfully slow in Florida!

If you have any questions, or just want to correspond about all things Disney, please e-mail her! She still enjoys making them and keeping in touch with Disney fans old and new, far and wide!

Once again, thanks for your support and hope to hear from you soon!

Leslie 8:' )
The RADP pin lady.......GoH '75 - DVC '93
Sorcerer's Apprentice and "Ears" Collector!!

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